How Cut-Tuff® Cut Resistant Clothing Can Help Protect Workers in the Industrial and Manufacturing Sectors

How Cut-Tuff® Cut Resistant Clothing Can Help Protect Workers in the Industrial and Manufacturing Sectors

How Cut-Tuff® Cut Resistant Clothing Can Help Protect Workers

Working in industrial and manufacturing jobs can be dangerous. Learn more about Cut-Tuff cut resistant clothing here for protection.

Every year, a shocking number (nearly 5,000 in 2017) of workers die in their workplace. Even more than that are injured in some way as a result of workplace accidents.

The most unfortunate thing about these accidents is that many of them are preventable. Employees either aren’t trained to use their safety equipment, work in an unsafe and unclean environment, or don’t pay attention to their surroundings and forget even the most basic safety rules.

Accidents like these are why Cut-Tuff® cut resistant clothing exists: to protect workers from the environmental and industrial conditions that would otherwise harm them.

Let’s talk about how cut resistant clothing can help.

Why Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Is Important

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Unfortunately, not every employer or employee believes in using safety equipment. They see it as an unnecessary expense or as a “suggestion” to be taken if the employee feels like it.

However, these people aren’t taking into account how serious a serious workplace injury can be.

When you’re injured in the workplace:

  • You may not be able to work until you recover putting yourself and your family in financial risk
  • If the injury is too severe, it can hamper your ability to work at all
  • Without insurance or good worker’s comp, you have another financial risk in regard to your medical bills
  • The company loses productivity due to the temporary or permanent loss of valuable employees

Ultimately, there’s very little reason to consider PPE an unimportant part of an industrial and manufacturing environment. A factory’s workers make manufacturing. Without healthy workers, a manufacturing environment can’t exist, which means their safety should be the top priority.

This also means that workers who want their company to be successful should be wary of their own and their coworkers’ safety.

Now that you understand the bottom line of PPE, how does Cut-Tuff® cut resistant clothing help accomplish this goal?

How Cut-Tuff® Cut Resistant Clothing Works

Most people know the average industrial safety requirements like hard hats and safety glasses. However, Cut-Tuff® cut resistant clothing might be unfamiliar.

That’s because it’s a new kind of technology. It’s designed to be functional and wearable while preventing scratches, gouges, and other wounds in the line of work.

This isn’t a huge suit of armor – it’s lightweight and made with a cut resistant level A4 material (ANSI/ISEA 105-2016) that is strong enough for workers in industrial and manufacturing jobs who use sharp edges or who work with sharp materials.

This doesn’t mean it’s a replacement for standard safety equipment. However, Cut-Tuff® clothing is meant to work with other protection to provide an extra layer of defense.

Protects Against Sharp Edges

Manufacturing and industrial workplaces typically install guards and rails around sharp edges, but that doesn’t mean these edges are always protected.

In fact, in many cases workers may need to come in contact with sharp edges as part of their job. For example, let’s say a worker needs to access the inside of a large machine where there are some sharp points that they must work around.

In this example, the worker can’t avoid working in an environment where sharp edges are present. That’s where Cut-Tuff® cut resistant clothing comes in. The clothing protects the worker from punctures and cuts they would get if they were wearing an ordinary T-shirt.

This also means workers are protected when a sharp edge is brought around them. In the unfortunate event of a transport vehicle crash, for instance, a worker wearing cut resistant clothing would be safer from sharp pieces of metal.

Safeguards Workers Against Sharp Materials

Just like sharp edges, some people work in industries where sharp materials are unavoidable.

In the glass industry, it’s impossible for workers to avoid working near or with sharp objects. In these jobs, the best possible way to protect a worker is to have them wear cut resistant clothing so that they are safer during their work.

This applies to waste products as well. On a normal day, a manufacturing worker may have to deal with a large amount of scrap product. Some of that scrap may be pieces of metal or sharp plastic.

It’s possible to handle these materials without hurting yourself. However, a layer of cut resistant clothing makes sure that no unfortunate slips mean a trip to the hospital.

cut resistant clothing

Helps Prevent Disease

So cut resistant clothing helps to prevent cuts and punctures, but how exactly does it help to prevent disease?

Some industries deal with chemicals on a daily basis. This means that having an open wound near these chemicals is a danger to an employee’s health.

Cut resistant clothing makes sure that these wounds don’t happen in the first place. That way, no open wounds can be exposed to chemical burns or illness.

Industrial and manufacturing workers are also at an increased risk for infections like tetanus. This is because they are constantly working in unclean environments and with potentially-contaminated materials. Random nails and other sharp metal objects are also common, which are also a tetanus threat.

With cut resistant clothing like Cut-Tuff®, there’s little to no risk of exposing or getting a wound, helping workers avoid these infections.

Protects Vital Arteries

The average manufacturing worker will protect the most sensitive parts of their body like their head and eyes. However, they don’t usually think about their torso as one of these places.

But punctures and cuts don’t just pose a danger to those usual places. They also pose a significant threat to your wellness in regard to your veins and arteries.

In particular, the torso contains lots of arteries can result in heavy blood loss if severed. That’s why Cut-Tuff® clothing is cut and designed in a way to protect these arteries from sharp edges and materials.

Benefits of Cut-Tuff® Clothing

Now that you know the main ways that cut resistant clothing can prevent injuries, what exactly are the benefits of Cut-Tuff® in particular?

Let’s take a look.

Lightweight Protective Equipment

Many people might be familiar with the kind of protective clothing that people use in radioactive situations. This equipment is often bulky, hard to get on, and costs hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, Cut-Tuff® seeks to make a difference in this area by providing a significantly less bulky experience when using personal protective equipment.

That’s why Cut-Tuff® is designed to be light-weight and breathable: so that you can be both protected and comfortable while performing your job.

This isn’t just for your comfort either. In fact, it’s a significant advantage in industrial and manufacturing environments. When a line is fast-paced and every second counts, Cut-Tuff® offers a level of mobility far greater than typical PPE suits.

The main goal, of course, is safety, but just behind that is efficiency, which Cut-Tuff® improves to a high degree.

Comfortable PPE

Anyone who has worn a full chemical protection suit can speak to the fact that it’s not very comfortable.

Obviously, the goal of a suit like that is protection and not comfort. But in an environment where you’re working long hours on the line and exerting yourself physically, it helps to be wearing some comfortable clothing.

That’s why Cut-Tuff® cut resistant clothing is a superior choice: because it both protects and acts as a comfortable, light layer of clothing.

You might be thinking that worrying about comfort is silly. After all, they’re just meant to protect you, so who cares if they’re comfortable, right?

Well, comfort isn’t solely just an issue of personal preference. Worker comfort plays a large role in the ergonomic design of a workplace. Studies even show that this is an important factor in worker satisfaction and job performance.

Affordable For The Everyperson

Some employers see PPE as too expensive even though it provides safety and protection for their workers.

This perspective can be taken by workers, who ignore PPE requirements. This happens because they don’t want to wear uncomfortable protective equipment. In other cases, they can’t afford the equipment in the first place.

Cut-Tuff® solves this issue by providing a set of cut resistant clothing articles that are both extremely strong and very affordable. In fact, a full set of Cut-Tuff® clothing will cost you less than $250.00.

Does this seem expensive? Many might see these costs as too expensive for safety until they look at the cost of having an accident.

Ultimately, Cut-Tuff® offers a far more affordable (and still high quality) cut resistant clothing experience for industrial and manufacturing workers.

Useful For Many Industries

While this article primarily focuses on the uses for industrial and manufacturing workers, Cut-Tuff® provides protective layers for many different people in a wide variety of industries.

For instance, take a kindergarten teacher, who may deal with painful bites from their children. That teacher could use cut resistant clothing to prevent injuries from these bites and stay safe during their line of work.

Another example is police officers. During their line of work, they may deal with people wielding knives or other sharp weapons. Without proper protective equipment, they could find themselves in a life-threatening situation. Cut-Tuff® cut resistant clothing provides another layer of strong protection for them during their duty.

And because Cut-Tuff® is designed to look like normal clothing, it’s possible to wear it anywhere – to the movies, to an amusement park, or during your shift at the factory.

Long-Lasting and Durable

For the price you pay for protective equipment, you expect it to last for a long time. Unfortunately, due to the harsh environments that some workers work in, PPE can be worn down quickly.

Cut-Tuff’s® cut resistant clothing is designed to be extremely durable and long-lasting. This way, it can continue to protect you day in and day out.

This means that you don’t have to go a day without wearing that essential PPE. Unfortunately, a day without PPE could be the day you wind up in the hospital (or worse). That makes durability a key factor when choosing cut resistant clothing –  an industrial worker should never have to go without that vital protection.

Designed By Professionals

Sometimes, the people designing important industrial equipment aren’t the people who use it the most. This can result in equipment that doesn’t really suit the needs or desires of its everyday users.

Cut-Tuff®, on the other hand, is designed by people who have worked in the military, police forces, education, and industry. That makes the resulting cut resistant clothing a better product because it is created with its users in mind by its users.

Now What?

Now that you’re an expert in cut resistant clothing, you can keep yourself safe in the workplace and avoid any punctures or cuts you might get in an industrial or manufacturing job.

Curious for more? Explore the other sections of our blog for more articles on workplace safety or browse our store to get some Cut-Tuff® clothing for yourself. We guarantee you won’t regret your purchase.

Questions and concerns? Feel free to contact us!

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