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Why Cut-Tuff™?

Cut-Tuff™ is a newly developed material that we believe can truly change the face of personal protection either in the workplace or taking part in physical activities and sports where there is a danger of injury through cuts, abrasions and bites.

Cut-Tuff™ is lightweight, breathable, soft to touch, latex free and strong. It has been tested to cut resistance (ANSI 105-2016) level A2, puncture resistance (EN 388:2003) level 4, abrasion resistance (ASTM D3884/ASTM D3889) level 3 and tearing resistance (EN 388:2016) level 4.  Cut-Tuff™ delivers affordable protection to the masses.

Our current items of clothing have been developed to provide all over protection to either the upper or lower body parts.  Cut-Tuff™ helps to protect the body’s main arteries from being cut and therefore prevent severe injury, blood loss and death.


Up until now other available cut resistant materials have been heavy, uncomfortable and extremely expensive.  This leads to the general public, families and workers being unable to afford the protection they need.

This is why we developed Cut-Tuff™ as it provides superb cut resistance while at the same time being lightweight, latex free, comfortable and affordable.

Our cut and bite resistant clothing is targeted towards a wide variety of sectors, including law enforcement, corrections, military, teachers who work with children and you adults who scratch and bite, as well as glass handlers and hockey players – in fact the list of who can benefit is almost endless.


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